Tips & Tricks

  • Pros and Cons of Outsourcing vs Hiring Employees for Social Media Marketing

    The day comes when in your small business you can't keep doing the social media on your own. Who do you hire? A contractor, freelancer, agency? Or ...
  • What Google Analytics Can Do for You

    What can we learn from Google Analytics? We created two infographics on this! 
  • The Fundamental Marketing Pyramid

    In digital marketing, we love to talk about tactics and platforms and what we're doing to succeed. But this leaves out a crucial part of the conversation: what it takes to get to tactics and campaigns.

    This leads us to the Fundamental Marketing Pyramid, it is modelled after Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, it also works off the idea that the bottom of the pyramid is the most fundamental need to marketing, and success requires we move up the pyramid.

  • How To: Use Social Media In Events To Grow Online + Offline

    Events are a great way to connect with people and grow your business. But what's wildly under-utilized in events is social media! Right out of the gate, here's some steps you can take to grow your social with events:
  • What Is Alignable? And How to Use Alignable In Your Business

    Alignable is a small B2B (business to business) networking platform with a local focus (Think LinkedIn for local B2B networking). Remember, on Alignable we don't post in the traditional sense like we do on LinkedIn. This makes Alignable easier to work in your business!
  • How to Use Twitter For Your Small Business

    Twitter is a very fast paced social media platform that allows users to like and follow each other, while putting out "Tweets" (Twitter posts) that are no more than 280 characters.
    Twitter has 187 million active monthly users, with the largest demographic of users being 25-34, predominantly male (70%) and in North America. More than this though, major companies, brands and businesses a) use Twitter in their business and b) as a tool for engagement and customer service more than anything else.
    Translation: While small, it is mighty and Twitter is a great place for business!
  • How to Use Pinterest for Your Small Business

    Pinterest is a visual idea sharing platform with over 450 active monthly users who share ideas through pins. Over 60% of Pinterest users are female...
  • Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes I See Entrepreneurs Make

    There are established best practices in social media marketing for small  businesses, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.​ Which also means there's mi...
  • Should You Be Blogging In Your Small Business?

    Should you have a blog for your small business? Sure! If it supports your goals.  Reasons to Blog    People ask often if they should blog for thei...
  • The Definitive Guide to Hashtags on Social Media

    Let's get one thing straight:hashtags. First, back to basics: What is a hashtag: A #hashtag, similar to the pound symbol, is a symbol we put ...
  • Tips To Getting Found on Google

    How can you, a small business owner, get found by Google? Fact: People search for the products and services they want, often through a Google s...