How To: Use Social Media In Events To Grow Online + Offline

Events are a great way to connect with people and grow your business. But what's wildly under-utilized in events is social media!

Right out of the gate, here's some steps you can take to grow your social with events:

Graphic image describing steps to using social media in events.

Overall, some recommendations with cross pollinating events and social media:

  1. Choose your preferred social media platform. Instagram and LinkedIn are ideal.
  2. Find the sponsor of the event. Follow and interact (comment and like posts) with them.
  3. Find the host of the event. Follow and interact with them.
  4. Find speakers, vendors and participants. Follow and interact with them.
  5. Find the official event hashtag(s). Use them in your posts.
  6. During and after the event, take selfies and videos and tag the appropriate people with the event hashtag.
  7. Be sure in your posts to mix up the location tags between the venue, city and region for increased reach.
  8. When you meet people, instead of swapping business cards, ask them "Which social media platform can I connect with you on?"
  9. Post a recap after the event.

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