The Fundamental Marketing Pyramid

In digital marketing, we love to talk about tactics and platforms and what we're doing to succeed. But this leaves out a crucial part of the conversation: what it takes to get to tactics and campaigns.

This leads us to the Fundamental Marketing Pyramid: 

Modelled after Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, it also works off the idea that the bottom of the pyramid is the most fundamental need to marketing, and success requires we move up the pyramid.

The pyramid parts can be defined as:

Cultural Awareness and Analysis: Your product or service exists within a culture and awareness from position it as so. Look to the region, country, continent, world you live in: do people need your product or service? How do people feel about it? Will it delight some, upset others? Take stock of the world your product or service would exist within.

Fundamental Business Planning: How is your business going to be successful in the world? This is often done through a business plan, and will include everything from about you to a SWOT Analysis, financials to marketing planning and more. Know yourself and your business.

High Level Marketing Strategy: What are the overall goals and themes to your marketing? How will you define success? This is covered in a high level strategy, that avoids too many tactics (which is for later). This section will also include budget.

Opportunity Planning: What are opportunities you can take advantage of to grow your business? Is there a Chamber of Commerce you could join, a new social media platform you could test or a referral network you could lean on?

Tactic Creation: Now start to focus on what you're going to do to spread the word, and measurable goals to achieve.

Platforms: What platforms will you use to spread the word? This can be either offline or online.

Tools: Are there any tools, like funnels or graphic designs, that you could use to grow your business?

Campaigns + Efforts: Finally, start to break down what you will do, in tiny steps, to spread the word about your business. This should be the most robust, tactical and easiest to measure section.

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