What Is Alignable? And How to Use Alignable In Your Business

Alignable Main Website Image

Alignable is a small B2B (business to business) networking platform with a local focus (Think LinkedIn for local B2B networking). Created in 2012, it currently has approximately 6M active users (according to Alignable) in over 30,000 communities. The platform is relatively easy to use and set up, and requires nowhere near as much work or attention as other social media platforms. Alignable follows the LinkedIn model of making connections and recommendations, while also receiving them.

But, Alignable does have some problems that new or curious users should be warned about. First, like all social media platforms Alignable technically is free to start out: but the free version of the platform has serious limitations (including number of connections you can send per month, your networking radius, analytics, etc.).

Second, Alignable constantly has pop ups asking for users to input their email and LinkedIn contacts to grow their platform. Not only is this annoying, this leads to many users unknowingly spamming their contacts, and users joining without much intention.

That all said, there's common features to the platform users will be used to seeing on other platforms:

  1. Full profile set up
  2. Making connections with others
  3. Giving, and receiving recommendations
  4. Listing your ideal customer
  5. Sharing promotions, events and services.

So how can you use Alignable in your small business to network with local small business owners? Some tips:

  1. Fully set up your profile. This includes
    1. Header photo
    2. Profile picture
    3. Select your business category
    4. Name your ideal customer
    5. List services
    6. List events or promotions 
    7. Write your about you section
    8. Ask for recommendations
    9. Give recommendations
    10. Answer questions on the platform.

Remember, on Alignable we don't post in the traditional sense like we do on LinkedIn. This makes Alignable easier to work in your business! Log in 1-3 times per month to make connections, respond to anything and engage and you're done! 


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