My Favourite External Resources


MOZ: Great for SEO (Search engine optimization, or getting found by Google). This link provides a free tool that gets you started understanding how your SEO is doing.


MOZ SEO Checker

Facebook Creator Studio: You do not have to post in real time to all your social media channels. Facebook Creator Studio is the best platform for scheduling Facebook and Instagram posts.


Social Blade: Great for finding and tracking engagement rates on social media, particularly Instagram. (Note: Must be an Instagram Business account to successfully use it).


Social blade social media analytics tracker

Sprout Social Blog: When you do posts on each social media platforms, the sizes are always a little different and unique. For example, Instagram is a square but Facebook prefers longer rectangles, versus Pinterest which has taller rectangular posts. Sprout Social here gets it right for sizing in their guide (but apologies for how spammy they are, you'll get three pop ups in seconds on their site).
Social Media Image Size Guide
SWOT Analysis: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are important to evaluate in every business. This page clarifies its use and purpose, and provides a matrix.
Image of SWOT Analysis matrix
Schedulers: You do not have to be posting to social media all the time in real time. You can write, plan and schedule them to go out at a later date. Popular choices include:
Facebook Support
Many people think you can't contact Facebook, but you can! To contact Facebook support, visit and
  • click get started
  • select the advertising or business account you want help with
  • select the issue you're having
  • fill in the form with details
  • click Start Chat 

and you'll be able to live chat with a human! 

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